The Gold Cadillac: Diary Entry

In our Language class, with Pilar,  we read a short story in the global tales called “The Gold Cadillac”. We later had to write a diary entry from the mother´s point of view. Here is my entry:

Dear diary:

Is near a month since Wilbert bought that cadillac. I couldn´t stand it more. It seems it had passed an year since I stared at that collosal gold car. He spent all the money we had for the new house in that stupid car. He started going to all the places in that cadillac: to the church, to go out, for everything. Sometimes he didn´t have to go out, he only wanted to use the car. The reason I didn´t like that car is because it draws a lot the attention of people to it. And I had fear of the whites to think we stole the gold cadillac. That´s why I wanted my old car to keep low profile. I didn´t talk properly to him for days. And then, Wilbert came with the idea that he wanted to visit our family in the south: it could had been any of our relatives in any other place, but no, he chose the south.

He wanted to go alone. But I couldn´t let him. Neither me, neither all our family would had let him go alone. So, we went with him. While we were going (in a caravan) we got lost. We got separated from all the others. Then, we were stopped by the police. In summary, they let us go, and the next day we reached our relative´s house. When we went back home, Wilbert realized that it had been a really bad choice to buy the gold cadillac. In consecuence, he sold the car, we returned to another one more appropirate for us, and the money we recovered we started saving it again for the new house

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