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Booktube: First Term

For the first term of the year, I chose to do my Booktube on the book “An Abundance of Katherines”, by John Green. The book was really interesting in my opinion and I really enjoyed it. You can see the … Sigue leyendo

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The Abyssinian Crisis

In Literature, with our teacher Lenny Ambrosini, we worked on The Abyssinian Crisis. Here are some questions we answered,   WHAT WAS THE ITALIAN EMPIRE LIKE BY 1930? HOW DID SENATOR GIORGIO PISANO EXPLAIN ITALY’S ATTITUDE FOR CONQUEST? WHAT IS … Sigue leyendo

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Crime Report

In Language with Pilar Pando we had to read a crime report and make a summary about it. Here’s my summary. If you wish to see the article, click here. In New York City, a Canadian tourist was hit in … Sigue leyendo

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An Astrologer´s Day: Analysis

In Language, we read a story by R.K. Narayan called “An Astrologer´s Day”, found in the book Global Tales. Once we read the story, we had to create a Prezi analysing the plot, point of view, and even add new … Sigue leyendo

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Trabajo Práctico de Educación Cívica

Nuestra profesora María Laura Nasjleti nos dió un trabajo práctico para hacer en grupos. Yo lo hice con Lucas, Otto y Martín. Acá esta lo que hicimos: Trabajo de Formación Ética grupo 1 from Martin_AnaniaLC

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