The Paris Peace Conference

In History, with Lenny Ambrosini, we watched a video about The Paris Peace Conference and answered the following questions…

1) War guilt. Explain the arguments FOR and AGAINST this term.

2) Which term followed War Guilt? How much would it be today? What consequences/impact did it have on Germany?

3) Why were the victors planning to prevent a future war with Germany in the Treaty?

4) What territorial losses did Germany have to face? What happened to the German colonies? What did Wilson dislike about this?

5) Which new nations were created after WW1?


1) An argument FOR this term was that Germany was guilty for starting the war, because she declared war on Russia and then on France in a matter of a few days. An other argument AGAINST this term was that Germany didn’t have the whole guilt on her shoulders. The assassination of Franz Ferdinand was a very important cause because it practically triggered WW1.

2) The consequence was on Germany was to pay for the reparations of the war since she was “the cause of World War 1”. the amount of money Germany had to pay was very big, about $ (six billion dollars) in 2013, although she was to pay $400.000.000.000 (four hundred billion dollars) also in 2013.

3) They were planning this because they knew Germany was going to attack again to take revenge.

4) Germany lost Poland and Alsace-Lorraine and all her colonies in Africa, China and the Pacific region, which were given to the victors. Wilson wasn’t happy with this because he thought it opposed to having self-determination.

5) The new countries created after WW1 were Hungary, Bosnia, Poland, Croatia, Czechoslovakia, Austria, Slovenia and Yugoslavia.

Here is our voicethread.

To hear the dialogues you need to click on the arrows.
Woodrow Wilson…….Martina Villafanei Ibarbia
David Llyod Gorge….Benjamin Mayol
Gorges Clemenceau..Maria Roggero

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