-Water: represents life.

-Light: represents new birth.

-Darkness: represents evil, destruction.

-Reflection: –

8) What’s the theme?  The theme is about a woman that when she saw her reflection in the lake, she saw an old lady. But when she saw her reflection illuminated by the light of candles and the moon, she saw a younger woman.

What’s the tone? The tone is faithlessness.

Find 3 Literary Terms and explain them.

1) Mood: The woman didn’t believe in what she saw in the mirror.

2) Simile: “Rises toward her day after day, like a terrible fish.”

3) Metaphor: “Now i’m a lake.” The mirror is not a lake. This means that it reflects what is in front of it.

Yesterday our Literature teacher Pato assigned us homework, we had to do a poem about a  topic chosen by us  and with a partner. My partner was Martin.


The WII game console

I used to make you happy

every single day

But since you abandoned me

I don’t know what to say…

We used to be together

gaming was our thing

but when we moved to another country

I caught a different zing

Your little brother tried to give me life

but he did it the wrong way

when he burnt me in the 7th floor apartament

you had no choice but to throw me away…

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Una respuesta a Poem

  1. Pat dijo:

    Benja, lovely poem!! Can you illustrate it?
    The slideshare with the analysis and questions is missing.
    Please, work on theme!! Visit other blogs to see what I mean. Remember it is a general idea.

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