End of the Year Conclusion: E-Portfolio

Ah, Literature, what a subject. I sometimes don’t know if I’m digging it or not but Pato always finds a way to make it catchy and interesting (thanks for that, Pato). I’ve learned a few great things this year like writing better essays and learning how to express my ideas better, but most importantly I learned to see things deeper, to analyze and identify the real message behind stories and poems and understand their meaning and relevancy to real life. I’m grateful for learning this that is learnt by few people.

My favourite activities and topic were all related to “The Destructors”,  which is my all-time favourite story read in Literature. I like it so much because I colud really understand it´s meaning and message and look up into life to see how real and shocking it all was. The society described in that story is precisely the society of today, one where no one can trust anyone and that our real friends can be counted with the fingers of our hand.

I haven´t actually disliked any activities. Good for me, I guess.

All in all,  this was a great year for me in Literature as I could understand and dig deep into a story or poem´s message and analyze it through written expression works, like essays. I was a year of pregression and success.

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War Poetry: the truth

War poetry speaks of the awful truth of, you guessed it, war. It talks about the suffering a troop goes through, wounds and worries, the asfixiating atmosphere of a chaotic, countryside battlefield. Many may speak of the amount of corpses lying lifeless on the ground after a battle and many speak of the loneliness a soldier goes through during their time in trenches or campsites.

Of these poems I learned that war is the closest to hell but many are willing to go to serve their country and do as they are “supposed to do”. Also, these men aren’t all going voluntarily. Some are forced to do so and they aren’t the ones who declared war, leading them to die because the government lead them to it.

These poems can be cruel and gruesome at times, as well as sad, too.

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The Hollow of the Three Hills

“The Hollow o the Three Hills” is a story that has a message about fear and time. More specifically, about the past, the present and the future, and the fear of what is to come. In the story there is a witch that tells the protagonist, after she leaves her family for a long time, that they’re all dead. The protagonist wishes to jump back to the past and see what had happened, to be with her family. As she comes back to the present she is dead.

What I can see from this is that one has to let go of the past and live the present, without worrying about the future and expecting the best. If a decision has been made and you regret it than you have to move foward and don’t look back.

I highlighted this because, in life,  one actually has to leave some things behind to grow or to learn. If a decision has been made and you regret it than move on and stiffen that upper lip because it´s not the end of the world and definetely not the end of YOU.

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The Lady In The Looking Glass: Analysis and Reflection

This story by Virginia Woolf leads to a message that I talk a lot with my friends and family which is our society being very superficial and materialistic. Everyone is focused on unimportant things and,  mostly, things have a large monetary value and not sentimental or emotional value. We see ourselves and other people in a mirror or face to face and we dont see the real person that´s inside. We see someone with a mask on, a mask that hides the truth or one that is used to try and “fit in” (here we call them “caretas“). Our souls are hidden by our shame and fear, and slowly it´s destroying our society. Until this fear is gone, we won’t be able to know who we realy are.


Resultado de imagen para mask on face


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Ode on Melancholy

Ode on Melancholy is a poem that talks about the challenges that life throws at you and how hard they can hit you. It then may seem hard to go on but I learned, from this poem, that one should actually look back, not at the failures, but at the successes and surpass and overcome them. You should look back at your accomplishments and achievments. About the slumps and downfalls, failures and mistakes, these must be taken as lessons and they shuld be used to get back up, stronger tham ever. The past may affect you but it’s not the present neither is it the future. The past has to be left behind sometimes, even if it beat you to the ground. This scene from “Rocky” reminded me of the poem.

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The Destructors: comparing it to the mediocre, real world.

This story is one that I really liked and tried to dig as deep as possible to find the meaning of it and the themes and, to my conclusion, it all has to so a lot with society and it’s ups and downs. It actually shows how society confronts disaster and it disrupts as a result of the fear and mistrust there is between those that form it. I wrote an essay about this but focalizing on the setting….


The setting for this story is London, nine years after the city survived a series of bombing attacks during WWⅡ. How does this setting contribute to the development of the story?

After a devious and disastrous war, big cities like London are damaged by the German “blitz”. The result is major destruction everywhere, even where the gang members lived. Due to this the destruction can symbolize different situations in society and economy. I’ll explain how this setting contributes to the development of the story.

The first point I would like to point out is how the society falls. The aftermath of the war is a disrupted society with a complete lack of inner trust and hope, and alongside this there are different reactions from the people in it. Kids are rebellious and do not want to follow the orders of grown ups and the law. So, gangs are formed taking inspiration from the U.S. and the children have made one called the Wormsley Common Gang. With the gang, the try to establish their own hierarchy. They have their own meeting spot, which is one of the less damaged places there,  and are only a bunch of juvenile vandals. They challenge the law and authority of adults, but also themselves. This is when T. comes in and wants to demolish Old Misery’s house, the only house that stands after the blitz with little damage. The ‘broken down’ society is envious and cannot stand to see others in a better position then they are. There is no morale, no respect, no organization. It is all a fallen bunch of buildings and what is left is debris (that doesn’t let them advance as people) and rubble (broken and shattered after the big hit).

The second point I’d figure to share is how it’s related to the actual war, this time talking about Old Misery’s house. The gang hung out at a parking lot which was in almost perfect conditions. There, they were calm and played ball, and they also talked about plans and ideas. T. and the rest of the gang plan the incursion into Old Misery’s house to destroy it from the safe zone and execute it in the ‘enemy’ zone. I could see a connection between this event and the real war, when Germany plans their raid on England and later do so by destroying from up close (inside English territory).

Summing up this essay, the setting shows how the society disrupts after disaster and how it leads up to the story. It also mimics and mirrors the way of war,  the “invasion of privacy” in a sort of way by trespassing (which is also a step of the Rite of Passage) and the similarities there is related to the setting and the development of the story.

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Drawing of Old Misery’s house

This drawing shows my mental image of Old Misery’s house in the short story we read, ”The Destructors”. I took the inspiration from the detailed description of the house throughout the story. It’s only a sketch  but I think it’s pretty accurate.


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The Hollow of the Three Hills

This year, we first studied “The Hollow of the Three Hills”. We read it and analysed it.

This story was written by Nathaniel Hawthorne. This is a short biography about him:

The story talks about a girl, who wanted to know about the important people she left behind in her life. So, to do this, she contacted an evil witch, who asked her soul for her to do this. The girl accepted. So the witch made her listen to their voices and the context in which they were, and finally after she finished listening, the evil witch took her soul.

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Biology Virtual Period: Reflex Arcs

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Biology Virtual Period: Nervous System

  1. The structure of th neuron is related to its function because with the Dendrites, it receives the wave of signals and then to the Axon (and its Schwann cells) and finally to the terminal, here, the isignals are transmitted to a muscle or to another neurone. The Dendrites and the Axons, are used to send signals and prevent them from the cell body.
  2. Sensory Neurone:  These, get information about what is going on inside and outside of the body and bring that information into the CNS so it can be processed. Ex: If you picked up a really cold ice cube, sensory neurons with endings in your fingertips would convey the information to your CNS that it was really cold.  Relay Neurone: They are found only in the CNS, connect one neuron to another. They receive information from other neurons (either sensory neurons or interneurons) and transmit information to other neurons (either motor neurons or interneurons). Ex: If you picked up a hot coal, the signal from the sensory neurons in your fingertips would travel to interneurons in your spinal cord. Some of these interneurons would signal to the motor neurons controlling your finger muscles (causing you to let go), while others would transmit the signal up the spinal cord to neurons in the brain, where it would be perceived as pain. Motor Neurones:  These get information from other neurons and convey commands to your muscles, organs and glands. For instance, if you picked up a hot coal, it motor neurons innervating the muscles in your fingers would cause your hand to let go.
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WhowH0kb7n0
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